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      Rainmen in the Music Office courtesy of All Da Way Live

      Hip Hop History right here! Legendary Rainmen stormed the music office for another special edition of Live From the CKUT Music Office. Quebec Hip Hop pioneers performed tracks from their debut 1998 release Armageddon including the classic ear worm *Move On** with vols by Whista Jean and brand new music. DJ Pro-V keeping it flowing. Check out Pro-v’s North of the Border for more in depth explorations of nada’s contributions to hip hop. VIDEO

      GALA SAMEDI MIDI NOV 12 2022

      Nous célébrons le 34e anniversaire de l’emission Samedi Midi Inter le 12 novembre 2022 au Le Classique 60101 boul. des Grande Prairie, Saint?Leonard.

      Pop Montreal hosts the Montreal Sessions 2022

      There is so much happening at Pop Montreal and the best way to dig into it is to tune into The Montreal Sessions hosted by Pop Montreal every Tuesday throughout September 3pm - 5pm. A different host each week will take us through their picks . Expect interviews and some live performances. Yes the complete sandwich all dressed with sides. Full line up here


      L’émission Samedi Midi Inter diffusera directement de la foire Santé le 24 septembre, de 10h30 à 16h. Restez en ondes pour écouter Raymond Laurent et l’équipe Samedi midi, qui animeront des discussion avec la communauté de Montréal Nord et des travailleurs/travailleuses en santé publique. Foire de Santé 11121 rue Salk Montréal?Nord.

      Music department blog

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      Your Radio's On (But Nobody's Home)

      CKUT’s studios, music library, offices, and equipment will continue to be closed until further notice to reduce the spread of COVID-19 to our at-risk members. In the meantime, we will continue operating remotely. More information and our statement here.


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